The Natural Skin Care Company Team Up With New Zealand Brand Moana To Bring Wonder Ingredient Red Seaweed Exclusively To Uk Shores

New Zealand is a bio-diverse hotspot whose unique location, climate and surrounding waters make it a prime area for flora and fauna to thrive. Not only does it benefit geologically, New Zealand has long been associated with progressive sustainability and environmental protection, meaning that nature is looked after rather than harmed. As a result, itas a country with rich pickings for active natural ingredients, many of which contain properties that will help moisturise and protect the skin from ageing free radicals. Natural ingredients that Moana are utilising in their products include: Mamaku a this black fern dominates the New Zealand landscape and is responsible for maintaining its water levels amongst the forest. Its hydrating properties likewise help to lock moisture in to the skin and have long been used to protect against skin ailments within the Maori community. Kawakawa a the oils and extract from this plant help to soothe and heal the skin.
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Forbes finds one direct-marketing skin care company worth examining

Olive oil

In the recent article “Fine In R&D But Not In The Boardroom,” Forbes contributor Robert Sher talks about how one direct sales skin care company “grew 10-fold by avoiding top-level tinkering.” Sher points to the balance between incorporating new strategies with existing ones as a factor in the success of a company launched in 2008, which grew from $10 Million in revenue in 2010 to over $100 Million in 2012. While Sher credits the savvy of the CEO for this 10-fold expansion, another factor to consider is the rapid expansion in growth of anti-aging skin care products sales. As the baby-boomer generation continues to age, the skin care industry is booming right along with the boomers. Already a multi-billion dollar business, the skin care industry is estimated to be worth $43 Billion per year and growing. No wonder that reputable skin care companies such as the one Sher cites can increase their sales by ten times in just two years time. See: Skin, Health & Beauty Examiner * Skin Care Examiner * Skin, Health & Beauty on Facebook * SkinHealthBeauty Copyright Notice: Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing the link to this skin care article with others.
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